Road to CBC APM 1 (observations) 

First post in the series leading up to the CBC APM. 

Public Broadcasting

In the digital age

Seizing all opportunities 

The driving force of the 2016 APM

As I continue to do my research and keep updated on all things CBC Radio-Canada I’ve stumbled upon something I’ll address, disclaimer the following is strictly my observations. 

Our Heritage minister Mélanie Joly is currently visiting the British Public broadcaster (BBC) and I was curious to see what response the tweet got. I shouldn’t have scrolled down. 

Yes, Canada’s public broadcaster needs to improve greatly in areas, but it’s come so far. Yes the mainstream is still radio and tv. The difference is way it’s being offered, anywhere, anytime and on any device or platform. I’m proof of that because I have 10 CBC related apps on my IOS device and I compliment the normal tv viewing & radio listening with instant feedback or comments via social media streams. This is the future of public broadcasting. It’s coming quicker than you know (2020 strategy). 

The best example I can come up with is this summer (2016) Candy Palmater had a seasonal show on CBC Radio. Candy leveraged the best of feedback & comments via social media to build a wicked show. The themes were hers and the topics ranged from Summer Lovin’ to spotlighting what books you read and how they connected to your job. Candy even spotlighted Sue Spencer (beast mode grandma) an Olympic style weightlifter in her 60’s, this reminded me of my mom in her late 60’s walking 5k races with gusto and succeeding where she didn’t think she could. Candy read my email on air, I shared with my mom and she welled up and almost cried. I’m the biggest fan of my mom just like she is of my racing. 

I give huge props to Candy & the entire team that believed in her from the start and took the leap with her. These are the stories that connect us as Canadians (allowing us to be the storytellers). This is what the present & future of public broadcasting. Instant feedback to help create moments that will last a lifetime.

The next post will be about getting the feedback from my social streams about my posts regarding all things CBC. 


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