Update (why the absence)

I’ll take you back to the end of August. August 29th to be exact. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and up popped a tweet from @CBCRadioCanada account. It was announcing the CBC Annual Public Meeting (APM) & where it would be held. Before I spill the deatails, I’ve watched the last 2 if not 3 APM’s online. I was shocked & amazed because (if my research is correct) the APM has only been on the East Coast in two cities. First clue is East Coast of Canada, second clue is I adore this city. Third & final clue is it’s a gateway to adventure…ok I’ve got to spill the beans. Moncton is the home of the CBC APM for 2016. 

Part of an email invite sent to me, of course I said YES. I’ve since answered those questions and I’m waiting to get the link to the answers (the blog post). 

As a fan of all things CBC I freaked out, I had the biggest grin and still do. I got a personal invite from the lady behind the @CBCRadioCanada Twitter feed (Sarah). Not only will I witness the APM in person, I’ll get to document it for social media. This is why I’m giving all my blog readers plenty of warning. The CBC posts may become a thing until the end of September. 

Until the next step only 22 days until the APM, 


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