Saint Awesome 

Happy Race Weekend folks,  

This is my last race before my challenge for the year (Tartan Twosome at Maritime Race weekend). I participated in Marathon by the sea 5k for the second year. 

The drive to Saint John was more fog less sun (2015 it was more sun less fog), so I decided to write this blog post. I’m feeling very damp (not a good start). I’m setting my sights on a 45 minute 5k, I’ll continue the post and let you know if I made it. SUSPENSE

I know, I’m making you scroll to see the results (I’m evil that way). 
The weather decided to clear for our race (I’m happy) it’s a typical Bay of Fundy morning, fog burning off to a sunny day. 

I arrived 45 minutes to start, got my kit, found out I was racer 2020. Got my tutu in hand and next thing I knew my friend Rod (co-chair of the event) came to say hi & give me a hug, I needed it. My mind was in the fog, it helped me (I over focused). I was ready tutu on & number pinned on, then the start. I gave a high five to a fellow Running Whys contributed Terry Thorne (our official race motivator) as I made my way to the startline. Once I hit the course I felt better and ran my race with determination. 

While I was running I got many comments on my tutu & Maritime Races In Training shirt. See the tutu will be part of my pirate costume for my next 2X5k (Maritime Race Weekend) mid September. That’s just under 5 weeks away folks! 

I got to the finish and Terry was still there cheering us across the finish. I went over & introduced myself, then one of the finishline volunteers handed Terry a finishers medal. Terry proudly put it over my head. I met another fellow Running Whys contributed Andrée Germain who was challenging herself with a 3 day 3 race weekend, she ran 2X5K & a half. Andrée did this after coming back from a fracture. In 2015 I knew about Andrée because she won the full. 

I got back from a uphill walk, saw the older children doing a 2k, seeing some of the kids zooming by quicker then when they left made me feel good for the future of running. Kids runs always are awesome motivators.  

You’re wondering how I faired, 48:08 in 2015 & 47:46 in 2016! 


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