Running Resolve 

If there’s a time for me to put it on the line, this weekend would be it. I’m running my Saint John 5k. Right now as it type this I’m feeling ready, but not really. I want to go out guns a blazing, but I know it will back fire just as much as the slogging along would. Where’s the happy medium? I have no idea, as always my resolve will get me from start to finish.
I don’t know why I’ve been feeling like pure hell has broken out, but being outside in any capacity is my medicine. Being able to be out in nature humbles me, I’m very proud to say even when I’m go for my walks or bike riding in the middle of the city, it equally humbles me. 
A city view from the trail! 

I’ve been (relative to the hell breaking out) keeping my head above water and that’s what matters. 

Optimistically yours,


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