Prepare…for another race

I’m feeling very ready, I’ve gone biking and walking lots as I prepare for August 13th, 2016. Marathon by the sea in Saint John NB! I did this course last year and I know where to kick it up a notch and where I need to sloooow. This is what I’ll work on, my mind races as much as my feet do. I may over exaggerate the anxiousness but it’s there. I do get asked with my mental health issues how I can even navigate a startline.  I just can because we are all there to race our own races and share in the greater community of racing. I love it when you race with friends that you’ve met through running, you act as a team and hype each other up. That’s what a startline and finishline is for me to celebrate that you can run and choose to run. It’s hard and some days get rough. We get by with help from our friends & community.

Stairs in Fundy Park
A new bike path with challenges galore, within  city limits. Stronger with each step & pedal push!

Running any races soon, if yes which ones? 

Are you running in Saint John? What distance?

Yours in the running,


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