Here’s your hat…

For 32 years now, the Running Room has existed. A Canadian based company with stores all across Canada and some in the USA. Each year to celebrate all things active the Running Room puts on the 20 minute challenge. It’s designed for everyone just to get out and be active. From run club members to the general population, for the past 3 years (since the 30th anniversary) I’ve taken part. It’s not only about the activity, I get to see people that I only see once a year. To me this is a form of keeping track of people from my families life and making sure they’re doing well (my moms former boss and her family for instance). 

Boy, this year seeing moms former boss and her family was an welcomed SURPRISE. Sadly the husband of the duo was away for work, but I got to see the youngest daughter. There was an addition to the family a sweet grand daughter. I made the grand daughter smile and wave at me. She (grand daughter) was wearing her grandfathers hat in honour of him. See my moms former boss is a breast cancer survivor. You just never know, seeing her and the family each year is a form of re assurance. Sadly between my mom and their work schedules it’s hard to get together and keep in touch. So I proudly bring them news about mom and I get to check in with them. My mom worked for this couple for 10 years, from 2002 to 2012. That’s an eternity compared to today’s standards. 

I was caught dancing on the home stretch, I could see the finish. Thanks to Kris Acker for the photo.  I’ve been caught splashing in a puddle (2015) and now dancing to the finish what next? 

There’s nothing I won’t do for a free hat (they are 15$ normally). This is the best 3k of my year, because it’s fun getting out & seeing like minded people in an everyday way, not just at races.



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