It’s been awhile, 5 weeks until Marathon by the sea (another 5k). Saint John here I come. 

start/finish 2015
I’m excited for this race because it’s relatively flat…I say relatively because the start is on a long incline (just like the Bluenose 5k in Halifax). I shaved off 50 seconds from my Bluenose 5k time in 2015. This race felt good. I know where I can be slow & steady or kick it up a few notches. I have a plan and it’s been refined and thought of since last year. 

This year I was part of the running whys leading up to this race, I was brought back to my childhood because dad would run early in the morning before we (the kids) got up. He was around the same age as I am now.  The same age range, same type of activity makes sense to me. Thanks DAD (I know he’ll read this thanks to my clever link to my FB). 


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