Canada defined…

Being polite there’s a certain quirkiness to our polite ways. (I’m sorry, not really but you get the drift).Freedom,peace and relative stability. Looking at the world around me, I’m saddened to see what’s happening. 

Cherished lands (open spaces/unique places). Unique moments/opportunities like the Quietest Concert. A once in a lifetime concert on the ocean floor (Bay of Fundy) at Fundy National park. Yes, I still talk about this as the most epic thing I’ve had the chance to take part in. 

Being more (willing/daring/bold) going places never before thought of. Being able to get past a threshold. Going beyond ourselves. Breaking barriers acceptance of various cultures (multicultural). 

Vast array of musical talent, I’m surprised to this day when I find out about new Canadian talent. 

Peacekeeping in some of the greatest conflicts around the world. 

Unique perspectives outgoing people with an optimistic outlook (positivity). 

A vast network of public broadcasting (CBC/Radio-Canada) with stations even in the most remote areas of Canada. Allowing dialogue in both official languages. CBC Radio-Canada is a big thing in my household from listening to radio or watching TV/YouTube content. I’m a proud fan! I can openly say so without hesitation. 

 This list is not only to celebrate my country in this current year, this is part of a lead up to #Canada150 in 2017. I’ve written this post to be part of the dialogue with CBC/Radio-Canada #CBC2017

This is my perspective on what defines Canada to me, care to add anything please comment below.

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