The why of running

Why do we run? Why do we pay good money to race? Why do we suffer race after race? WHY? 

I have to admit the whys behind a runner are varied. I can’t believe that I even tried to run, it was a sudden memory that brought me here. 

My dad ran when I was a wee child. He ran early in the morning before breakfast. I remebered that I’d hug dad in all his sweaty glory, sometimes even cheering as he came down the driveway. I remember that as the first time I knew about running. Dad sadly didn’t keep it up as we (the kids) grew up. Life got in the way & went on. I was an active kid (bike riding, basketball,softball,volleyball,badminton,soccer,track & field throwing events) through middle school. Most of these sports were running related, it was much later in life that this connection made sense. That’s where I started (if I look back over the long haul). Even as a way to heal after gallbladder removal and to keep healthy,  running has become a key piece of my being. 

Why do we run…that’s a loaded question that could go many ways. I run to be free (from life’s crap). I run because many can’t or choose not to. Why do we pay good money to race…the main thing is community, and rush that happens as you put it all on the line. Why do we suffer race after race…well that’s an individual answer, for me it’s trying to improve and be better. Running gives me a sense of direction (a goal) even if the goal isn’t reached it gives me a feeling of humility. There’s something about a double race weekend, a multi race challenge medal, a bucket list race, a fundraising run that humbles a person. Who knew I’d be coaching mom on her journey to race, it didn’t even cross my mind until that one day she said yes to a free registration that I won. Who knew we could share race stories about the same two races that I had done in 2013/2014 and mom did in 2015/2016. This is what memories are made of…one run at a time. This is what I come back to every time my love of running, community and being better on any given day. 



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