Lessons from running (Mid week musings)

This is the final instalment of what I’ve learned from running. 

People who do things better are teachers not competition. This is a big factor in running, because running is an individual sport with group benefits. You define yourself (nothing else does). You’re your own competitor. The action urge is strong, strong enough to lead you to the finish (don’t give up)! 

You begin to see potential in others. Through running I’ve been able to share the stories (some of hard times) freely without being judged. I’ve shared my story of the struggles with mental health issues up to receiving a finishers medal from a fellow runner/Mental Health warrior (Amy). It’s through the struggles that you learn the most and gain a wider perspective of how people are. 

You can go longer than imagined (you often can mind over matter). I’ll take you back to September 2015 and say that the best 3 hours or so were spent walking 13k with my parents over the Confederation Bridge from PEI to NB. 

The body is capable of more than you’ve ever dreamed. Who knew I’d be walking the above mentioned 13k, running a multi terrain 8k at the Hopewell Rocks or getting to take part in the first ever colour run in NB, first runway run at the Greater Moncton Airport (October 1st, 2016). Who knew these races would be on my radar. 

I’m honoured be part of the greater Running Family, a family that’s helped me spread my wings and fly. 

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