For the hill of it (lesson learned in running) 

Has this happened? Getting uphill (the scenery will help you move faster) or it feels like you’re in mud (move slower uphill, you’ll get there). Well I’ve been through both scenarios. 

The scenery as I crossed this bridge twice (once in each direction) helped me great deal. What you don’t see in the photo is the other side as you enter Halifax is a steep climb when your running. That’s where I felt like it took forever and got stuck (mentally) both times I’ve run this 10k. 

This is the steep climb I was mentioning, but looking the other way (as I was going down to the bridge). Coming back up this was a challenge (that I beat). This was my first 10k that got me out of my comfort zone, just enough outside to want to repeat it. I look forward to doing my first hometown 10k in October with excitement. I still cannot believe this was race 2 and first 10k. 

Lesson learned by being present enough to see them, do them & finish them. 


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