Life lessons from running 

I went to start reading my Chicken Soup for the Soul Runners edition and found a note inside, scribbled onto paper Life lessons from running so here goes:

It’s not easy (no matter how long you’ve done it). 

A little grit is required to make it worthwhile. 

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Like my Fast Eddy race and then Bluenose. I was third on paper in Fast Eddy race and then was frying during Bluenose contemplating a DNF. I learned lots in both cases (humility).

It’s all mental what goes on during a race (in the large scope of things) doesn’t matter, it’s that you started & finished.

You have to begin somewhere (why not here)

Joy in the journey it’s taken me to running on the ocean floor (Bay of Fundy), a color run all through a ski hill (Run or Dye). It’s taken me to cross a body of water with home province as a goal (Terry Fox run 2015 on Confederation Bridge PEI/NB).

It’s not about fast but how well (Quality over Quantity)

Pride in small victories it’s what I celebrate in this blog.

Which quotes do you believe to be true to you? Comment below.

I have more but they’ll have to wait until next time,



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