Post freak out (Multi Terrain 8k)

Pre race with mom

I didn’t care if I was last place, which I nearly was. I finished a very gruelling multi terrain 8k. I did it in a wicked time, I thought it would be much worse. I’m feeling very good for the day after and I can move (just a bit slower then normal).

Here’s what I went through…first 3k was trail, sand (beach) then uphill (trail) & more trail, 3-7 was road and then more trail leading to the Bay part of the run. This was the part that exhilarated me & overwhelmed me. I was making a dream come true. I actually took a few selfies on my camera & enjoyed it (even being timed). I made it up 101 stairs like it was nothing and then the finish, I was beaten but not broken. I did it, made a dream come true one step at a time. 

Still smiling all the way to the finish!



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