Freaking out (Fundy style)

If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have signed myself up for another race right away. Bluenose was a challenge and I did enjoy most of my experience, except for the weather gods & big blisters on my feet. If I knew it would be that bad I wouldn’t have excepted this next challenge…a multi terrain 8k (ish) race at The Hopewell rocks. I’m running with many of the most awesome people (local runners). Parts of this race are being run on road, trail and on the ocean floor (Bay of Fundy). I was a spectator last year cheering on many people I knew from my local community and some people I met at Bluenose 2015.

A selfie from above (Hopewell Rocks) 2015

I’ll be running below & experiencing the park like no other! I’ll keep you posted. Your intrepid adventurer,


6 thoughts on “Freaking out (Fundy style)

  1. I am so excited to do this. I was there last week and saw the new stairs. ( truth be told, I ducked under the caution tape and tried them out. Well,,until I ran out of stairs. The top flight wasn’t finished. ) Some advice; there are a couple of long steady hills, walk up them to save energy. Can’t wait to see you there. Are there any other #runatcan people going?
    Eeeeeeek ! only 3 more sleeps.

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    1. No idea on our fellow @RunAtCan peeps. I was reading the course outline and yes I know there are a few hills that are challenges, I will crawl up them if I have to. I’m looking forward to the mud on the ocean floor and just having a blast, I need it after Bluenose.


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