Best & worse (Bluenose 2016) 

I don’t want to be writing this blog post but alas I must. 

I’ve never used these words until now, I almost pulled an actual Did Not Finish. I’ve thought of it only a few times but never were conditions this bad in any of my racing. I wanted to give up at about 2k, here’s why… extreme heat and humidity with the tall buildings keeping it close to the ground fried me (mentally & physically). If it wasn’t for mom being behind me racing like a badass I would have just stopped. I was also wearing a team jersey #TeamCBC, so wearing a team on your heart & sleeve is great motivation. There were 110 people from age 2-72 on the team, The Flewelling girls were guests of CBC Nova Scotia. That’s another reason…CBC NS gave me a free registration (it’s how mom was able to take part). I didn’t want a free registration to go to waste. I waited for mom on the side of the finish corral, if it wasn’t for my CBC shirt I’d of been ushered to the end of the corral to wait. Then about 10 minutes after me, I saw the best sight mom in her Team CBC shirt came up the last incline to my screaming voice & dancing right in front of the live internet feed camera. Yes, I was dancing. Didn’t even remember the camera was there until Greg the Senior Communication Officer for CBC Maritimes & Newfoundland told me he was watching the feed at the race expo and saw me dancing. 

#TeamCBC 5k 

Bluenose weekend isn’t complete without a visit to the Running Room booth to say hi to President/CEO John Stanton, I got my pre race photo and off we went, this year I also got a post race photo with him. I was proud to share this moment with mom because I was proud of her & she needed to be celebrated, we needed to be celebrated.  

I’m still in shock, because of the extreme weather. I didn’t think I could, but I did! 


7 thoughts on “Best & worse (Bluenose 2016) 

  1. Good job finishing!!! The heat was intense and not enough water. I threw any chance of PB out the window! Too bad I didn’t get to meet you!!


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