Pre race prep…

It’s a whole new level of prep for races this year. Having my own place that means a trip to my parents for an overnight before race. 

It’s Wednesday before race weekend & this is the start to my “flat” Charlotte. For the uninitiated “a flat” means that all your gear is in place for a quick transition to get ready for the race day.

For this race I’ll be traveling 3 hours one way (with pit stops). I need to be ready for any eventuality (well most anyway). The forecast is going to be very warm (been freezing for this time of year in Moncton). I’m ready for it, I’m not sure mom will be. I ran this 5k in 2015 as part of my 15k triumph. I still am in shock I did this. I’m prepared hydrate,electrolytes and face the day with gusto (as I only know how).

More pre race pampering as I unveiled my mani & pedi…yes I know it’s Bluenose, not Blue toes.

I’m proudly representing a wicked group of runners from all distances called @RunAtCan (run Atlantic Canada) we Twitter chat (#RunAtCan) & see each other at races. I’ll be meeting some new faces at this race (hope to anyway) & see some familiar faces too. I’m also part of #TeamCBC a community team created by CBC Halifax to foster team/community spirit. This TeamCBC is the sister team to ours here in Moncton. I’ve been proudly part of teamCBC Moncton since 2013 & part of the Halifax team since 2015. 

One last piece to this post, I’ve written John Stanton (CEO & president of the Running Room) every year since I started this race (2014) here’s my 2016 note to him…

“I write you every year just before Bluenose to say hi and set my goals for the race weekend. My goals this year are vastly different (I’m not doing my 10k). My goals are simple, coach mom to the 5k finish line and have a blast as we represent CBC Moncton on the Halifax Team CBC. This year, is going to be made of sweet memories. Hope to see you at the expo! I’m sure pics of the Flewelling girls in their race attire & sporting finish medals will follow.~~Charlotte in Moncton”
See you post race folks, can’t wait to share my stories with you all. 



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