Bluenose or bust (worried)

First race (major) is coming up on Saturday, I managed to come down with a head cold. I managed a 2k walk complete with pounding. Not pounding my feet, it was my head. I’ve not yet experienced major headaches like this during any training. I’ve been running & racing since summer 2013. I still feel crappy, now my head is fine but I’m sensitive to light. Today is overcast & dreary, I’m still sensitive. It’s only been in the last year that I’ve been sensitive to light during my allergies. Overall, I’m ready & raring to go. I look forward to this race in May (since 2014). It’s the start to a 5 race year that will lead up to my 10k in my hometown in October. 

My 2014 Bluenose merch purchase, keeping me cozy (best purchase ever).

I look forward to sharing my pre race stuff with you towards the end of week. 

Any of you racing at Bluenose? 

What distance are you racing or training for this weekend? 


4 thoughts on “Bluenose or bust (worried)

  1. I’m doing the 5K thanks to a grant from Mic Mac Mall! Hubby is a student and I’m a stay at home mom so no funds for races this year. My training hasn’t been great either. I don’t usually have allergies but my throat and ears have been itchy and my asthma had been brutal on my runs. Weird..


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