1 week away (1st Major of season)

Now that I’ve shared a brief moment in time with the Mental health side of me here a running post. I’m one week away from another amazing Bluenose Marathon experience. This year will be slightly different because of who I’m sharing the experience with. Mom will be racing too. 

Here’s the back story of how she came to race. I’m getting emotional, because it’s thanks to me that she even started. October, 2015 I was accidentally put into a free registration draw from CBC New Brunswick. I won a free spot and had to explain I had already registered. I offered dad the registration and he said no right away. Mom was at work and when she got home I explained what happened and she said YES. Fast forward to April 2016, I was offered another free registration this time from CBC Nova Scotia. I was already registered for this race too. The first race back in October 2015 and my up coming Halifax, Nova Scotia  race were the same races I started with back in October 2013 & May 2014. The only minor difference is my race in Nova Scotia was 10k instead of 5k. I can’t wait to tell you all about the race. 

I’m nervous because I’m going to run it and try to get close or break my personal best. I’m not going to even attempt to set a goal. It’s my first major of the year so I’ll let it go and set myself up for a good season. I’ll admit training has NOT gone well. 


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