Mid week (whoa)

Time to stop & reflect…I’m doing a-ok. Life has been pretty stable recently, I think I found a new “normal”. It’s been since January that I moved onward & upward. I’m finding new parts of me that were hiding in me all along. Life reveals just enough at any given moment, just enough to guide you to the big picture. All the bumps in the road since January have given insights into the world I choose to be part of. Some have been opposite to my thinking & some helped me gain insight in a big way. 

To hear complete strangers be astonished by my progress is a humbling experience. To believe that the progress you’ve made is significant that’s another story (one I’m working on). I know some of my readers who’ve met me will be possibly saying “she’s not shy” I’m not really, it takes a great deal of interactions (Internet or in person) to make me feel safe enough to open up. I choose to blog & post my thoughts because it’s a creative outlet & you never know I may help someone along the way.

I’ve set the boundaries high, let us see how far I can take it!

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