Wicked weekend (part 3) 

Saturday arrived with a trip to the market and a day of surprises. I do chores on Saturdays, so we parted ways and I got my stuff done. At 4pm I got a message from my friend saying there was a person giving away 2 tickets to the Heart & Stroke foundation gala (NB heart truth). I asked when the gala started and I got giddy. I went, had an awesome seat and had fun. The red dress fashion show was wicked & I knew 3 of the models. One was from Radio-Canada (CBC) & 2 were runners. Then of course the main reason I wanted to go…Alan Doyle & the beautiful gypsies. They didn’t disappoint. 

Sunday…things happen for a reason. I got my bike stolen Saturday sometime & parents didn’t tell me (they wanted me to have a good Saturday night). They told me Sunday morning & I cried (my independence was gone). I reacted quickly with what I could do (dad traded his bike in to help with cost), I waited until noon & got a new bike for the price I would have paid for a used one. All this happened while my friend was with my mom. She had a depression/anxiety episode, I wasn’t going to leave her alone. She met my parents Friday night after dinner & hit it off with mom (both hockey fans). I got to play tour guide and show my guest a good day. Then we went on an adventure to cottage country (Shediac NB), we went to the giant lobster, we went to the beach (they call Newfoundland the rock for a reason) where she put her toes in real sand & then the wharf. All of these places are my favourites. I’m glad I could share this with her (it depends the connection). 
Monday & what I’ve learned from meeting my new friend will be the last 2 parts. 


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