Wicked weekend (part 2)

So here’s the scoop in quick form. I met a person via @CBC on Twitter and we started conversing back in late 2014. It soon came to light that this person was in a rutt mental health wise. I helped her out and didn’t think anything of it, we are both HUGE CBC fans & fans of Alan Doyle formerly of great big sea. Little did I know, I’d be the one who would be changed because of her. 

A few weeks ago this same girl was trying to get her passport to go to an Alan Doyle concert in the states, her passport never came in time. She decided what can I do, where could I go and see Alan? She thought of Moncton (where I live folks). She got a one way ticket to Moncton (New Brunswick) from St.John’s  (Newfoundland). She arrived Friday afternoon and we had dinner together & I showed her downtown. Friends of hers (who she’d met for the first time) showed her the touristy stuff. We hung out & started to get to know each other. 

Then…I’ll share more soon



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