Preparing for a race (mental side) 

This first official race of 2016 will be an amazing experience, mom is doing a first in this race. The mental side of me isn’t so excited, mom may not remember that Bluenose is the largest race east of Ottawa. My parents have discovered what it’s like to be in the crowd but not in this race. I’ll be done before mom (no question) and then I must wait. The wait for her first race was only 11 minutes, the best 11 minutes as I cheered on those who were coming towards the finish. This time I may not do that, being a large race and not always having a spot in the crowd, I may wait at the end of the finish corral. I want us to get our medals together. This race means the world to me and i’d love for us to get our medals together.  

My anxiety is getting the best of me, I’ve done this race 2 years now (3 races if you count 2015’s two race weekend). I still manage to get jitters. We all get jitters of some kind (we are human). I’ve never had the jitters this early, I get them about 24/48 hours before the race. I’m keeping on, one step at a time. 
As always your friend in running and a mental health warrior,


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