Year 3 (Bluenose) 

What I got myself into in 2014 was my second race ever, first race outside of New Brunswick and first 10k. It was a wicked learning opportunity. I raised 270$ for Ronald McDonald House and did my 10k with pride. In 2015, I decided to just go & run without the extra pressure of fundraising. I did just that and decided to run 2 races in 20hrs. My first 5/10k weekend. A major learning opportunity to see just what my body could handle. The major lesson I learned from my 2015 Bluenose experience was be prepared (I mean for anything) it was hot/humid for my 5k and then damp, windy & cloudy for the 10k. I can’t believe it made it. My body was tired but managed. 

This year I’m looking forward to a second crack at the 5k and this time in sharing the experience with mom. She’s nervous, but mom has an adventurous spirit. She’ll do amazing and we’ll live to tell another race story or two. Proud of mom (Mama F).

Love your Baby Bear,  

(Yup, I’m the youngest of 2 kids, bro & me.)



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