Frigid to Arctic 

It hasn’t been really cold lately but not really warm. Let me explain, it’s been below seasonal for this time of year with loads of wind. I live in a room with mostly windows, I do see the sun most of the day but it wasn’t cutting it. My heater went on the fritz and I was miserable. I woke up on this particular day with a violent pain in my back, I knew I had caught a draft from the previous night. I had a hard time getting out of bed, normally I can get warm easily. I went to reach for my iPod and that’s when my hands cramped up with cold. When I got out of bed, I had no choice but to hang out downstairs (common areas of the house). It took me several hours to un thaw. I really haven’t thawed out completely (just the time of the year). I used the scale frigid to Arctic, my room was feeling Arctic all day (even with the sun shining in the windows). Since my arrival in this house I’ve not seen my room this cold. Did I mention it took about a day and a half to get the repairman here? Almost 36 hours, if there was a spare room I’d of been moved into that one to wait for the repair. Just as my luck would no spare room in the house. 
My whole being suffered that day, I was crabby (rightfully so) & just not myself or even close to being “normal”. 

I’m waiting on Spring one step at a time, 



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