Mid week musings (not always as it seems)

“When you look into someone’s eyes you see the truth, not every day is 100%”

It’s a simple quote with great meaning(s). As a person who deals with an illness constantly it’s hard to be “on” all the time. Having emotions come up all of a sudden doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. The biggest gain I’ve made recently is to let my feelings out. I know it sounds basic, but most people have been told it isn’t a good thing or makes you weak (the stigma). Emotions serve a purpose (it’s up to you to discover why), they give you clues to what’s going on. 

My racing season is about to get into high gear…just about 7 weeks until race 1… A 5k at Bluenose in Halifax, Nova Scotia & 8 weeks until race 2 in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick a multi terrain 8k. I cannot wait to do a multi terrain race, it’ll show me what I’m capable of. I’ve done a multi terrain colour run in 2014 and it showed me how to run with humility, it was hard but achievable. Like every other race season start, I’m sure I’ll learn new things along the way, always do! 

This is how I see it, 



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