I run because…

 I run because it makes me stronger one step at a time! 
The biggest reason I started to run was physical, after surgery in 2013. While every step hasn’t been textbook, it’s been a lifestyle change. I’m very passionate and when I talk to a non runner about running they know just how passionate I am. Running is part of me and I love all that it represents. I’ve benefited from great groups of runners and the community continues to surprise me and keep me on my toes. I’ve also gained wise council from my fellow runners too, I was suffering during my 2015 season but somehow managed to do great things and introduced people to racing (mom & I share a 5k medal experience). 
The mental health benefits are numerous and what I’ve learned the most from. The up & down nature of trying to better yourself (time wise) has kept me wanting more. I learned many techniques (talking yourself up hills and through rough spots) about how to be more positive. The more good things your brain tells you the better you’ll feel & do. 
Even if that particular moment doesn’t go your way, you can learn from it and soldier on one step at a time! 


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