Spring Forward? 


Oh my the time change has effected me slightly…more then normal. I’m very glad fo the extra sun and daylight but not so much trying to keep my sleep patterns in check. Somehow I’ve actually succeeded in keeping this in mind & burnt myself out doing chores and food prep for the Saturday supper. By about 8pm I was so sleepy, I went to get my laundry out of the dryer (someone was waiting) in a daze. I remember it, because my legs felt heavy. It took me twice as much time to get back to my room. DAZED & CONFUSED

First full day of time change has gotten to me, it’s just a lazy day (normally) but today I was put to the test because of a housemates visitor. He’s a got a unique way about him and I felt like I couldn’t deal with having him for dinner.  I can’t deal with him normally (I practice avoidance).  This is is a weekend for re focus.



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