Frizzy fur

This day can’t get any better for those of you who know I have 2 dogs in my life that are extra special. I celebrate a birthday of one Mr. Tucker DeWare-Flewelling  

I cannot believe this lovely lug of lovin’ has been part of our family for 3 years. Christmas 2012 we found out there would be a new pup in our lives. Then all of a sudden we had our pup in March of 2013.  

I met Tucker about 8 weeks after he came home, I had a rough time because he was our first pup and second dog. Trying to keep the balance was hard, I found my groove and love this boy to the moon & back. 

He loves us all, but seems to have a shadow like quality to Grampy F (my dad). Here he is looking at dad. He has a few nicknames but one that is fitting is SHADOW.  

This has been a most excellent day, I celebrated and enjoyed my time with the furs! 

This is how I see it! 


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