Motivation memories 

What some would call karma or coincidence may not seem that way to others. I’ve always had a moment just before race season starts where I’d collect a few new motivational songs and moments. This year I seem to long for the “old is new again” and re hashed some of my YouTube favourites. Like raging fire by Phillip Phillips one of my 2014 pump up songs. I love the two previous Bluenose Marathon start songs (2014 Happy by Pharell Williams & 2015 was shut up & dance by walk off the moon). Heard 2015’s start song twice as I took part in a 5/10 K weekend. The greatest memory is when mom randomly starts singing because I’m happy on repeat & dances. It brings me right back as she hugged me at the end of my first 10k (6.2 miles) in 2014. It’s an awesome party atmosphere to start my race season on the right foot. 

In 2016 I’ll get to see my #RunAtCan (Running Atlantic Canada) Nova Scotia crew twice. Once in May & again in September for Maritime Race Weekend (the week before my birthday). I may see some of them during my other outings, we all travel to various races in the region. 

You just never know what will motivate you to keep running forward, one step at a time.


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