Major shift (Artic & otherwise)

Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.

— Fierstein Harvey

What I’m about to describe is what I’m currently going through one step at a time.

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) aims to help people validate their emotions and behaviors, examine those behaviors and emotions that have a negative impact on their lives, and make a conscious effort to bring about positive changes. In validation the therapist helps the patient see that their behavior and responses are understandable in relation to their current life situation.

It’s a continuous process that starts with re wiring your thought process about myths & beliefs and flips them on their head. That’s step one…then following your “gutt feeling” and seeing behaviors change.

It’s not for everyone, this is what’s being used to help me gain a confidence that I’ll carry with me. It’s NOT going to make me vastly different. I believe we are who we are regardless and that everything is meant to show itself in time. It’s how you get there and how you personally act with every situation no matter the intensity.

Now for the running side of me…

Need I say more? Winds are fierce and arctic like…look at my hood draw strings (sideways folks). That’s how training is making me stronger one ARTIC step at a time.



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