Weekend wrap up 

I left you with a cliff hanger from my last post (go back & read it if you haven’t) & I’ll fill in the blanks.

I mentioned that this blog is going to be in evolution, because so am I.
I went to meet my psychologist (who happens to be a lady). I’ve been under the care of various male figures since I was 11, now 33. I’m excited because this is going to be a time of breaking myself apart to put myself back together. It’s scary, but I’m ready. It was mentioned (for the first time) that I understand more than people think.  This is very accurate and you’ll see that I’m proud of the fact I can see all sides (most of the time a blessing but sometimes a curse).

I’ll leave you with this, 10 weeks, 10 visits for the first step of becoming a better me. Break myself apart to become whole again.

 Sunset out my window


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