Mid week musings (not amused)

I’m here, just not the whole me. It’s been a slow start to training, even after such a good run at the beginning of February. I’m not motivated…you know what happens when it doesn’t start well. I’m not going to re hash last year, but it didn’t start or end well. Lack of motivation at the start got me tired at the finish of my 2015 season. I’m not regretting what I did but regretting what I didn’t. I didn’t set out on my normal days to train, I didn’t do the work needed to get my goal. I set out haphazardly, at weird times or half training because of humidity during the summer months. I still managed but it wasn’t what I hoped. 
On the positive side, I did manage my first two race weekend, my first summer race and first back to back weekends of races all in the 2015. It’s going help me achieve good things in 2016. First off two race weekends back to back to start in May, my second time racing in the summer, and a wicked two race weekend in September and added pressure my 10k in Moncton as the last race for 2016. 
2015 wasn’t a total wash out it’s sending me in the right direction for 2016 one step at a time. 



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