Weekender (training begins again)

Hello Training, 

How are you? It’s been a long time. 

I’m 14 weeks out from first race (Halifax) & 15 weeks from second race (Hopewell Cape)! That’s 3 and a half months… It’s cold (brisk) but sunny. YES I’m venting. I mentioned in my last post its winter out there folks. Yet somehow I’m making due with it. I’m out there that’s all that matters right now. The love I feel for racing and being part of a wicked sport grows everyday. The best part is the moments with like minded people. We all just want to race and being proud of what we’ve done. 

Racing takes a big amount of risk, calculated and non calculated risk! Like my last post it was a non calculated moment, that brought me great joy. Now the calculated risks start (scheduled races & training). I look forward to the ride & sharing it with you! 

Returning to training each year, starts around valentines. I’m glad to share the run love. 



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