Mid Week Musings (Why I gave up 3rd place)

I started my day Saturday like any other, got out of bed and off to the farmers market. I decided I was going to cheer on Fast Eddy and the runners who came to support him http://www.fasteddycanada.com

It was a slow start as people trickled in, I decided on a whim to race my first race of 2016. It was a 3k out and back, so it was relatively easy. The tricky part was it’s winter out there folks…I don’t run much in winter. I have a great fear of hurting myself in the colder months, so I just don’t run much in them. I also hurt myself on January 1st, 2015 so it’s always in the back of my mind during the winter. 

 I started off in the pack of runners up Main St. Then once we turned to the out & back I slowed to last place, there I stayed until I got to the turn around. Because of the safety at the turn around, I was ushered to cross about an intersection length before it. That’s how I got into third. I was on the sunny side of the run, my legs got warmer and off I went. I was really third, but didn’t feel I deserved it because of the turn around. This is how I became a difference maker. My actions spoke louder then words. I gave up my third place as I pointed behind me to the rightful person. It was a split second decision. I didn’t feel right in 3rd. There was a group of about 20 of us. It was a great boost to start 2016! Cheers to the moments of actions speaking louder then words. 

 An amazing, humbling moment (the medalists with Fast Eddy in pink). 

Running on…


2 thoughts on “Mid Week Musings (Why I gave up 3rd place)

  1. I wish I could have been there for this run but I was working. I was talking to Eddy at the Hypo Half and he was disappointed that Moncton was not very supportive. I am proud of you for doing the Right Thing.


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