Weekend musings (when you give up…)

When you decide last minute to do a race something comes over you and it clicks. I did a fundraising race with Fast Eddy, he’s gone across Canada once (unsupported) and is returning to British Columbia (where he’s from). The first time I saw Eddy was last September during my 13k confederation bridge run for Terry Fox. I actually placed third…I placed in a race a dream come true. On a whim I took my 3rd place medal and gave it to the girl who really deserved it, I was last place in the girls category for pretty well the entire race. Eddy said wait a minute I have something for you…I waited and was presented the Difference Maker Medal… be prepared with tissues, I had to read this out loud to about 12 people…
In life we never regret what we did but what we didn’t. You are a difference maker because your actions were louder then your words! 


I had a wickedly awesome first race of 2016. I feel good for my first winter race & for placing in a winter storm aftermath is a exhilarating feeling. 

Off to a good start…



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