Mid week musings (overcome)

This past month I’ve really stepped up the adult side. It’s hard when you want to leap into the net that gets cast wider than you think. The good side is you find yourself & put the parts together. That’s why I shared the fact that I’m dealing with depression/anxiety. The word overcome has crept up in my day to day more so in the past month. The battle with your brain leads you to be all over the place. It also brings back strong memories, for me some are not so good, i’ve been fortunate that not many people have deeply wronged me or my family. These memories are few, yet somehow they crept back into the mainstream memory. This is the type of battle someone differently minded has to deal with (and more).

I’m glad it’s getting close to re starting hardcore training. I’m 15 weeks out from Bluenose in Halifax, Nova Scotia and 16 weeks out from the Hopewell rocks multi terrain 8k. Let’s face it, I’m glad to be back and to focus on what will be an amazingly awesome race season. I’ve had some amazing races but I feel different, standing on my own two feet has slowly but surely given me a better resolve to reach my goals. I’ve told you in many ways I’m excited for my 2016 season but I can FEEL a difference!  

 These are eyes of determination, strength, perseverance and most of all COURAGE!


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