Mid week musings (better late then never)

I talk about running testing my mental capacity in a few of my posts, I reflect again on this because I’m going to tell you a BIG part of me. For those who don’t know running and races are a form of therapy for me. I’ve got a uniquely different brain. A brain that had dealt me the “gift” of depression/anxiety. I say it’s a gift, but it’s really not. It’s a hard faught battle everyday! Currently I’m well, some days are worse but overall I’m well. This hasn’t changed my dynamic self much, the main thing is I’m aware (very well aware)! I see things from both sides, it can be a blessing & a curse. 

When you look into someone’s eyes you see the truth, not every day is 100%

But we make the best of the days we have! 

In about 2 weeks (around valentines) I start hardcore training again and will be training/running until the end of October. I’m setting  out to keep things in perspective & make life an adventure (one step at a time)! This is why I continue my running in 2016.




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