Weekender (a different way to have humility in running) 

Work hard in silence, let success make the noise. 
This is a topic I’ve struggled with, but somehow managed to make the best of. At first I was very regimented in my schedule and distances (even for a 5k). Now I seem to go, but not in a regimented fashion. I still enjoy my running, the few events I do, but something has to give. 
2015 was all over the place from really good to the almost pulling a DNF (Did Not Finish), I admit I thought of a dreaded DNF. I managed to have a decent year, to me it was successful (that’s all that matters). There’s where humility comes into play
When I did my planning for 2016, I made sure I was going in the correct direction. From a less stress spring to my climax events in the fall. Smart goal setting. We all deserve to be kind to ourselves and push our way to victory (no matter the distance). That “less stress spring” got thrown out the door when I signed up for a multi terrain 8k at the Rocks (provincial park) in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. I didn’t realize it was the weekend following my first race (5k) in Halifax, oh well! 
Hardcore training starts in February, as always right around Valentine’s Day, 14 weeks out from first race. Cheers to the moments you learned from & the moments that’ll carry you to success. 
What are some of your moments of humility? Share with me in the comments. 

Keep Moving,



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