Mid week musings (The art of being humble…Humility)

Humility & running isn’t about always being a bragger or someone who thinks highly of themselves, it’s about being yourself without the excess. You can still think highly of yourself, but with restraint. 

Running to some is less about competition & more about support. Running is about having fun through the rough patches, that’s how the community supports a runner. I’ve recently had some personal rough patches, getting out in the fresh, crisp air has certainly made me think, moments of fog somehow suddenly become clear. That’s what running means to me a clearer mind and outlook. 

I have great supports from many places across North America, by the way of social media. The times when you’re thinking about a foggy moment, somehow you get an answer (in the least expected way or place). The start to the new year has made me humble in more ways than imaginable. 

Whatever day you’re having, running gives you EXACTLY what you need… often that is simply “humility” JP Bedard

Happy Mid week & Run on! 


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