A surprise inspiration moment

One of the many reasons I started running was for health, I set a goal to walk my first 5k back in October 2013 and I did! I’m  not the speediest of runners but I’m out there (you can say that in many ways). I recently went to stock up on my NUUN and found an article that was written by one of The Running Room Moncton team, I had seen a Facebook post about it before hand. Little did I know how well written and heartfelt the article would be. 

As runners we seek motivation and receive it from many sources, I’ve learned a HUGE amount from others. The irony starts when you have an issue and (BAM) magically someone appears either answer or has the same issue. The main focus of the article was the moments. The moments when something is answered, someone has your back or both. A good example was my mom doing her first 5k in October 2015. Someone (a lady named Michelle) had moms back, when she randomly talked to mom as they got it done! Another example I had was my first 10k in May 2014. The same thing happened as I had a thought climb in Halifax at 7k. I had a mental block in 2015 in the same place and remembered the moment, it helped me get up the hill and do the last 3k to become a double race finisher (15k). These are but a few of many MOMENTS that help me get to the finish line in racing and in life. 

It isn’t always easy the moments you experience can be helpful or not, it’s all in how you deal with what’s at hand. I found that 2016 has started with many well placed moments. I wrote a note to my parents about my depression and anxiety symptoms (how my mind works). I’ve been blessed with a different mind. A mind that would be backwards to most. I can still do what others do and arrive at the same solution. I also wrote what triggers my mental side (what they do that’s not productive). They were so proud of me, they kept the note and I feel the gate is opened a bit wider. I can now step into advocate roll and not victim or antagonizer. The ball is in my parents court, now the healing can start. This is why I run, to be alone, but not lonely. To be part of something bigger than myself or just to be me. “Running isn’t my whole life, it makes me whole.” 

What’s your favourite motivational moment?

Who’s your favourite inspirational person?

Leave me the answers in the comments, I look forward to reading your responses. 


Reading the Running Room Magazine article mentioned above.

Run on! 


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