Mid week musings (early edition) 

Happy Tuesday folks, I’m preparing for a potential storm so mid week musings is a day early. 

I recently came across my good friend pipers run’s post about goals for 2016. That gave me an idea. My goals for 2016, having recently moved into shared accommodation I have loads of time to think. My biggest downfall for 2015 running wise was the lack of constant runs…I walked more than ran. I also was recovering the entire season from a nagging back issue. Pulled muscles are no fun. I made the best of it and learned loads. This year I’m taking the early season relatively easy and doing runs for me, runs I’ve done & enjoyed. No agenda, just run! 

My September race attire is taking shape one piece at a time…tutu first.  

 I loved the response I got when I asked “Do pirates wear sparkles?” I got an astounding YES. 
This year I want to capture the essence of Cpt. Good Spirit. I’m not saying things have been bad or negative when it comes to racing, 2015 was just rough (challenges and such), distances were spot on. The way I did my race season got the best of me by the end. I don’t regret what I did, but know to watch out for training overload. Hence the reason for more 5k’s early & my challenge/double race and 10k at end. I’m working up to it, instead of working from it. 

As for time goals, I’m still working on getting a 45min or less 5k. I have a good feeling this will happen in 2016. For my 10k I’m going into it without expectations, because it’s at home. I’m going to let it be (whatever will be, will be). As 2016 comes at me, I’ll be present in all the opportunities given to me, one run at a time I’m going to have a wicked year. 

May you all find you inner good spirit and let it be. 

Run on fine folks, 



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