Happy New Year (of Cpt.Good Spirit)

January 2,2016 I put a dent in my race budget and just went for the gusto! <EVIL LAUGH>I signed up for all the races…I wanted to do 


November 21, 2015 I signed up for my first 2016 race a pirate themed race in September (1 week before my birthday). It was a wise choice because I’m doing my challenge run for 2016 at that race. My 5/5k Tartan Twosome…hence the Cpt.Good Spirit reference (my pirate name). Then I wanted to do some 5k’s at the start of the season (to ease myself into 2016). I just need a hassle free spring. 

That being said, I do a 5k in May (Halifax, Nova Scotia), a 5k in August (Saint John, New Brunswick) then my 5/5k in September (another race in Nova Scotia) then my 10k to round out my season in October (in Moncton, New Brunswick) my hometown race! I decided (I’ve done 3X5k at this race) it was time to go up in distance. That was my plan from the start of my 2015 season to jump to 10k at “home”. I’m excited about my reversal of distances, I’d do my challenge and 10k earlier in the season (like past years) but in 2015 by the time I got to my home race I was exhausted. I know better than to repeat that. 

Currently I’m in winter training, I’ve started a 100 day challenge called #100RunsChallenge with some fellow runners from iRun Magazine. It started December 14,2015 & goes until March 24th, 2016. The only day I found challenging was January 1st, 2016 the anniversary of my injury from 2015. I’ve been good most days by going outside. I’ve found many creative ways to get 30 mins of activity, that’s the challenge !  

Kicking winter in its arse one step at a time, 



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