Looking forward…2016

I begin 2016 with moving on as the main goal. I’m moving out of my current living situation. It’s with great trepidation I say this, because where I’m moving to has no internet. So I’m not 100% sure what my blogging will look like in 2016. I’ll try my best to write my twice a week posts (it may change). 

On the running front I’m starting 2016 off with more 5k and less challenges & multiple races. However in saying that, I’m doing a challenge and a 10k at the end of my running season. My challenge is Maritime Races in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia & the 10k will be my home race at the end of October. I’m not scared of 10k, I’m more scared that it’s at home. 

Maritime Races is a pirate themed race, hence the post about a pirate name. For those of you who are loyal readers you’ll know what it is. For those who aren’t loyal readers or are first timers it’s Cpt. Good Spirit. I don’t have a clue why it came to me just before I registered for the race, but it did. I’m glad the name found me because it’s part of your registration process. I’m now assuming the Cpt. Good Spirit name on my Twitter. It’s a chance to potentially do a two race weekend with a sunset 5k and a Sunrise (5k,10k,half or full).With each race comes a custome medal  if you choose only to do one race. I’m doing a Tartan Twosome (you get a third medal for doing them both). I’m doing the 5/5k combo. 

Throughout the year extra prizes and gifts are randomly presented with efforts to bring good spirit to those who are registered  & to bring in new Pirates. I’ve heard the spirit in this race is hearty and contagious. That’s what drew me to it along with seaside views and great wicked chances to win stuff. This race is considered to be a destination race in Canada, in its relatively short existence that is a feat in itself.

I’ve met Michelle (race director) before, she’s a wicked person. Michelle uses this as a tool to give back to the community and help others gain benefits of physical activity. Michelle is a mom, a runner, a wicked ambassador for the running community, runs her own running club and is an all around inspiring person. She is a race director for not only Maritime Races, she does “The police Chase” to raise funds for Special Olympics (another cause she’s involved with). Seriously where does she get time to do all this? 

This has to be the #1 race I’m looking forward to in 2016, it’s the most anticipated. 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of this race, it’s still fairly new. I cannot wait, I put this on the top of my race list for 2016 (I registered for it November 21, 2015). 

May all your dreams (running or otherwise) come true in 2016,



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