My Pirate Name & race(s)

My Pirate name: Captain Good Spirit, it came to me in a flash of creativity. I didn’t know I’d need it during the registration process but I did. Maritime Races is a pirate themed race in Nova Scotia. It takes place in a seaside town & consists of a sunset 5k and a sunrise race the next day. When you do 2 races (like me) you get a third medal “Tartan Twosome”. I decided to do my 2 races at 5k.

I’m very excited that I thought of that particular pirate name for a few reasons. The main one is in 2016 I’m going to do most of my races as day trips, except this one, so I’ll be in a good spirit. 2016 is going to be the year of steady build up to my 10k and not the other way around. I just need a break in distance so I can train smarter not harder from the start. I had to register for this race first because it sells out quickly! I’m going to be working on my pirate tutu so stay tuned as I revamp my “Run or Dye” tutu from 2014! It’s going to be a smile maker for sure.

My next race to sign up for is my spring race 5k at Bluenose in Halifax. I did the 5k it was awesome in 2015 so I’m doing it again.


The eyes of  a very excited & happy CharFlew


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