post 100 (Looking Ahead)

What will be the best word to describe my 2016 race season? This was a question asked of me on Twitter. The only thing I thought of was STEADY.

2015 brought a set of unique circumstances that I plowed through one by one, challenge after challenge. I was tired by my last race & decided to re evaluate potential races for 2016. I’m working up to my 10k, instead of it being at the start. I’m taking a leap and doing my 10k at home in October. I need some “down” time in the spring. I’m going to be training, just not as hard as I would normally. I’m doing my challenges (multi races & my 10k) at the end of the year. Right now as it stands, I’m doing 5k in May, August, a 5/5k twosome in September and 10k in October. This is how it stands right now!

Thank you Andrew P for inspiring this post!



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