Weekend update (lessons learned 2 races same weekend)

Hey everyone,

A short note before I start… I wanted you to know why I reblogged my last post. I reblogged that post because of a few reasons: the main one is strength and perseverance and Noel is from Nova Scotia originally and that tells you what Atlantic Canadians are made of. Now onto my blog post.

Two races, same weekend.


Choose your distances wisely (5/10k in my case)

Try your best to be present in all aspects.  

It as hard, I was in auto pilot when needed and off in space the rest of it.

Be present in the learning moments (eg our @RunAtCan expo presentation)

I was full of emotions, did my first Bluenose 5k and cried at the accomplishment of my second 10k where my mental toughness was tested.

Be open to new things.

I know don’t try anything new on race day but you never know what will happen or who’ll you meet.

Meeting new people & sharing stories. Rekindle friendships from previous races or make new ones. Know your friends have your back even if they aren’t running it. Best memory is Amy giving me my 10k finishers medal.

Make sure to have fun because you never know if you’ll repeat a 2 race weekend.


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