Mid week musings (all the races recap)


The year started with a double/double (5/10k) at Bluenose Marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That weekend I was on pure adrenaline. I started the adventure with a 5k run Saturday afternoon and a 10k walk Sunday morning. (The first two medals on the left).  Saturday was warm & sunny, Sunday morning brought rain just before start and clouds the whole race.

The next adventure took me to my first New Brunswick race outside of Moncton. Marathon by the sea in Saint John, New Brunswick.This was also my first summer race. August 8th was an all weather kind of day. Started cloudy & foggy, then humidity & sun! Ok I admit I wasn’t ready for the heat, I managed to shave 50 seconds off my 5k Bluenose time. (Blue ribbon)

The interim adventure took me to my longest distance to date, my parents along with me did 13k on the Confederation bridge for The Terry Fox run. This is the bridge between New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island. We walked that bridge like champs. It took us 3 hours but we made an adventure out of it. The next medal in this collection is ironic after this bridge adventure.

The green ribbon is the Prince Edward Island marathon in Charlottetown. This race wasn’t my most graceful or happy race. I felt very ill the week before and didn’t feel any better on race day. Those who saw me may say otherwise. I guess I hid it well & somehow I pulled my thumb out of my butt to get my seasonal Personal best at this race. Who knew a crappy race could be a personal best.

I had only 5 days between that race and my hometown race Legs for Literacy in Moncton. I got to hand out the finishers medals for the kids & youth run Saturday morning, I wasn’t suppose to. That was one highlight of my weekend. The next highlights were courtesy of mom. This year mom decided to take my free registration I won from CBC and do her first race. We both did 5k, I came in at sub 48 minutes and I’m pleased that mom only took about 10 minutes more and came in under an hour! (The red & white ribbon is that medal).

The solid red ribbon is a Maritime Running Challenge medal for running a race at Bluenose, marathon by the sea and Prince Edward Island. I now can say I’ve run in 3 provinces, that’s two more then I thought I ever would.

That’s how my overall race season went (generally speaking). Don’t hesitate to leave a question for me in the comments, if you’ve been a long time subscriber you’ll know how I did and felt each race. It’s been a very eye opening race season. 2016 will be filled with adventures, I’ve already started the plans and will tell you what’s going down soon as I know 100%.



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