Weekend Roundup (Legs for literacy & #TeamCBC 2015)

Happy Saturday, I walked to get coffee & ended up going to the Family & youth run to see Vanessa Blanch & her son (Judson) do a 2k. Vanessa is part of the team from CBC Moncton. I didn’t know then what I know now, I was to do medal duty for the kids. I also didn’t know I’d be the one to bestow a medal upon Judson (side note Judson is my #1fan, he said “boy I like that Charlotte, she’s enthusiastic”! He tells it like it is)!


After that it was the expo. I was there from 11AM to 5PM waiting on various #RunAtCan folks (Shannon,Jeffrey,Ang,Michelle,Scott & Diane) to name a few. After that I made my way home to give mom her first race kit. We modelled our #TeamCBC shirts with our race numbers on. Mom watched a televised Jr. hockey game (Rivalry weekend) Saint John (sea dogs) VS Moncton Wildcats.


Race day started at 5:45AM with my first alarm, then I didn’t get up until my next alarm 6:45AM. I got out of bed, went to mom and said we are leaving shortly after 7AM, we had to be at the host hotel by 7:30 to take a team photo.


At this point “Mama Flewelling” (a nickname given to her because one of the senior communications officers didn’t know her first name) was pacing, while I stretched out. At 8AM we all went to Cheer on the full/half marathoners as they started, then 8:30 came and the 5/10k’s were off. I ran the first 2 turns (both rights) and then slowed on a straight away & the third/fourth turns. Up towards the water stop I debated water or no, I went for 2 cups, it tasted good. I felt good up to this point (3k).

image image

Charlotte & Susan action shots (3k)!

I really slowed (because of wind) going back down Main St to Lutz, forward momentum was all I was thinking. It as brutal from the start with the dampness & wind cut through me (in a bad way). I got back towards the last 200m and gunned her (speedy Gonzales). I came in at 47:54 took off my race number and I went back for mom. She finished with me and walked a 5k in 58:50 under an hour! I saw a red shirt & knew here comes mom. WE DID IT.

Post race


Im proud beyond words, mom is 1X5k and I close out my 2015 races with 4X5k & 1X10k & my Maritime medal for doing 3 5K’s in 3 provinces!

image image

All the medals 30k & just Team CBC medals 20k


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