Mid week musings (where I am & want to be)

9:08 per K. Legs for literacy 2015 45:36 overall PB (where I want to be)
9:24 per K. PEI marathon 2015 47 even seasonal PB (where I am)
16 second difference.

Race recap from Prince Edward Island marathon.

Weather was rain & sunny (7 degrees above freezing).

Things went downhill from the start & I knew we’d need to get back up hill to finish. We headed en mass (half,10k & 5k) towards the boardwalk for about 2.5k then the zig zag of the 5k began. The zig zag through my former neighbours hood got me scared, I was lucky to have awesome volunteers helping with traffic control point me in the right direction. All I was remembering at that time was right,left,right left…(survival mode) it went on for 3k. The last 1.5 was the longest (straight away) up to Great George st. (Formerly University ave).The turn onto Great George was the best…I had running privileges and the walkers were saying, she’ll get disqualified…I kept saying I have running privileges. Walkers can only walk & runners can run/walk.

During the race I met this random man who was helping me along, he was from Ontario & said he had type 1 diabetes. I was beyond impressed as he approximately timed each k. We were both at about 9 to 10 mins per kilometre. He and I finished together. The funny thing is the pre finish arrival mat came (the one that signals announcers to say your name), they had a hard time saying my last name (I was running saying try and say my last name, try it)! I was smiling at this point knowing I’d pulled my thumb out my butt & succeeded in pulling off three 5k’s for my maritime medal (Nova Scotia in May, New Brunswick in August & Prince Edward Island in October). PEI humbled me & brought me to a reality that you can’t always be “on” all the time. Next weekend, I’ll be recapping Legs For Literacy (my home town race) & letting you in on how mom did walking her 1st 5k race.

My longtime blog readers will know I’m part of @RunAtCan, it was awesome seeing many of my crew. One person I really was excited to meet was Pipers Run (Anna). I got to meet her pre race, thank you for the photo.




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