Weekend Roundup (crisis averted)

I cannot believe it, this weekend was not fun at all. It starts Saturday Morning with 2 hours of travelling. Then I felt crappy the rest of the way. Sunday came the weather was wet & very cold (near freezing). It was a mass start (half,10k &5k) I’ve never done that, almost missed my start. I learned that no matter where you start you can do good things. This race was rough but it landed me a seasonal best 47 min 5k. For feeling the crappiest I’ve ever been during a race, I did it! I may have gotten schooled, but I pulled it off. I got my Maritime Medal for doing a race at Bluenose in May, Marathon by the sea in August & Prince Edward Island in October!

It was great meeting Anna & her husband, Shannon, Jeff, seeing Andrew (who did his 1st half) & Jenn, seeing family & good friends (some who I didn’t know we’re there). I didn’t really have performance anxiety (which I thought I would). I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when I finished & got my finishers medal & my maritime medal (I’m crying) I still can’t believe it.

imageFinish line

imageAll the medals (Bling)

image Diane T @fitwhitechick

NimageI love you mom



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